Appraisal Notices – For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release


Property Owners Should Soon Start Receiving Appraisal Notices for the Tax Year

Notice of Appraised Value (NAV) from the Kendall Appraisal District (KAD) will be distributed in the coming weeks. Not every property owner will receive a printed notification and for those property owners who do not receive printed notices you can review your appraised value on the KAD website.

Due to the Property Value Study released by the state, property owners can expect a substantial increase in property values with the 2023 notices. By state statute your city, county, school district and other local taxing units will use the appraisal district’s value to calculate your 2023 property taxes owed.

According to state law, appraisal districts are obligated to appraise property at its market value.  The KAD is regulated by the State of Texas to make sure we do our jobs fairly and accurately.  It should be noted that the KAD are not responsible for setting the tax rate.

Recently, the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts announced historic growth in Texas real estate values.  According to the association, regions around the state have seen increases in values between 10-50%, or more, since last year.

Under Texas law, local appraisal districts are required to notify property owners about changes in their property’s value.  The NAV contains important information about the property’s location, ownership and property tax exemptions that apply to the property.  It must also include a web address where tax information for the property can be found.  It is very important for property owners to make sure that they have their homestead exemption and the resulting 10% cap in assessed value that is the result of that exemption.

Chief Appraiser, Jana Herrera encourages property owners to contact the Appraisal District to informally discuss any questions concerning their property values or exemptions.  Property owners who disagree with the appraised value of their property, the exemptions or any other action by the appraisal district have the right to appeal to the Kendall Appraisal District Appraisal Review Board (ARB).  The ARB is an independent panel of citizens responsible for hearing and settling property owner protests.  The NAV includes instructions on how and when to file a protest, a protest form, a statement about the availability of an informal conference prior to attending a protest hearing and a copy of the Comptroller’s Property Taxpayer Remedies.  The deadline for filing a protest with the ARB is May 15 or 30 days after your notice of appraised value was delivered to you.

Property Taxpayer Remedies is available from the Kendall Appraisal District at 118 Market Avenue, Boerne, Texas or at .  The publication is also available on the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division’s website at